DECEMBER 15, 2023 — 5 JANUARY, 2025
Passion de l’été pour l’hiver, still, Lili Dujourie, 1981
Cera-collectie bij M Leuven
© de kunstenaar & Argos Centre for Audiovisual Arts

DOKA brings together some of the most distinctive artists in the Belgian art landscape and for its new collection, M Leuven asked photographer and guest curator, Geert Goiris to select artworks from the museum’s depot.

For Goiris, “our era is characterized by speed, distraction, looking without noticing”. When curating the show, he kept in mind the quote by the late poet Mary Oliver: “Attention is the beginning of devotion.” As such, the exhibition focuses on the necessity and pleasure of attentive viewing, inviting the public to question familiar physical or mental spaces, and the associated conventions.

Featuring video works by Lili Dujourie as the backbone of the exhibition, and with physical space playing a distinctive role, sculptures, installations, prints and photographs play out in real-time: the viewing time equals the duration of the recording. The videos invite stillness and for visitors, the passage of time is a palpable experience.