19 APRIL–9 JULY 2023
LU Yang, Doku – Digital Alaya, 2022
Courtesy of the artist & Jane Lombard Gallery
© Yang Lu Photo: Arturo Sanchez

The exhibition shows how art has been shaped by the dialogue between new technologies and artistic forms of expression. It gathers 60 artworks on 10,000 square meters in a former industrial building located in Leipzig, “the birthplace of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, who developed elements of binary logic, which formed the foundation of computer science, and who was receptive to the beauty and aesthetics of the binary (digital) world, thus anticipating the core of this exhibition” (Richard Castelli, curator).

The exhibition is divided into chapters – “media and video art, “immersive art”, “robotic art”, “algorithmic-generative art”, and “virtual and augmented reality” – intertwining past and present in a spectacular way. From the French photographer François Willème’s photo sculptures (which paved the way in 1859 for today's 3D scan) to site-specific monumental stereoscopic 3D audiovisual artworks by Ulf Langheinrich. Kurt Hentschläger’s fog and stroboscope installations in an ambient soundscape with kaleidoscopic impressions through light stimuli are also on display.