10 MAY—13 JULY, 2023
Christine Safa, Nathan (Venise), 2023
Huile sur toile, 65 x 62 cm
© Courtesy the artist & Galerie Lelong & Co.

The paintings of Christine Safa (B.1994, France) with their juxtaposition of colors and forms, bear witness to a distant and nostalgic memory and aim to convey recalled feelings.

Safa grinds her own colors and prepares her canvas according to precise alchemy, obtaining a quality of flatness and light that is all her own. She gives life to indefinable and evanescent images, which appear as if in a dream. And so, from a seen object, a marriage of forms is born revealing a mountain, a tree, a horizon, mixed with fragments of the human figure: a face, a shoulder, a silhouette.

The exhibition presents a group of recent and never-before-seen oil paintings. Most of them come from her stays in Greece, Spain, and Lebanon, during which Safa observes and immerses herself in the landscape. She then allows her memories to settle, before finally, once back in the studio, putting the image to canvas. These works, painted from memory, translate the fervor of a feeling with the help of a warm palette, proof of her Mediterranean roots.