18 FEBRUARY – 29 MAY 2023
Augustin Rebetez, Untitled, 2020,
Photography, Courtesy the artist

With Vitamin, his most comprehensive solo exhibition to date, Augustin Rebetez (*1986, Switzerland), will occupy the entire ground floor of the Aargauer Kunsthaus with his unmistakeable, yet universally relatable mythical creatures, dream architecture and super dark or more funny artworks.

Both a collector and a storyteller, Rebetez assimilates relatable symbols which resonate between cultures, and condenses them into ensembles and scenographies. As a result, not only does he successfully create a poetic blend of high and low art, but, more significantly, his strikingly raw productions serve as a stage for the grotesque dramas of daily life.

New and recent works such as Vitamin (2023), Throw Your Shadows (2018), on display in Switzerland for the first time, invite visitors to explore Rebetez' Wonderland. In this environment, a combination of projection, laser show and strobe lights, visitors are drawn into a narrative stream which uses Art as a means to bring the body into a state of ecstatic trance similar to the religious rites of ancient civilisations, transforming the museum into a multi-sensory space where the public feels immediately stimulated. For Rebetez, his drug is art. And his art is pure vitamin…