The Age of Media with Life-like Behavior

December 18, 2021 - August 28, 2022
Jonas Lauströer (HAW Hamburg), Amir Andikfar (HAW Hamburg), John Nyakatura, Photomontage of OroBOT and 3D digital skeleton of Orobates, artistic illustration
© Jonas Lauströer, Amir Andikfar, John Nyakatura

For centuries, humans have attempted to simulate life through machines. Today, digital techniques and artificial intelligence have expanded these possibilities. The generation and storage of digital images enables image content to be immensely variable, and makes media systems behave more and more like natural organisms.

So what happens when an AI learns from living cucumber plants? Why do robots form a swarm when a human being passes by? What is it like living with the extinct Kaua'i ʻōʻō bird? Who or what defines what is alive today now that intelligence and empathy are no longer the exclusive preserve of humans?

BioMedia is an invitation to learn about what will shape the 21st century and discuss possible forms of coexistence between (non)human and artificial organisms developed in a visionary way by about 60 artists. The exhibition provides a glimpse of these developments and highlights new concepts and definitions of life, all the more timely in light of the existential threats on our planet.