Trisha Baga

The eye, the eye and the ear

20 FEBRUARY - 19 JULY 2020
Trisha Baga, 1620, 2020 (location shot).
Co-production Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan with the additional participation of Giò Marconi, Milan and SOCIÉTÉ, Berlin.
Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Oto Gillen

Trisha Baga (born in 1985 in Venice, Florida, and based in New York) is one of the most innovative video artists of her generation. Gender identity, technological evolution and the relationship between the real and the digital world are key elements in her work that explores different perspectives on our contemporary imagination.

Comprising a series of five video installations, a rich selection of ceramic works and six pieces from the series Seed Paintings (2017), the exhibition presents a sequence of unusual and thought-provoking narratives: from science-fiction and the popstar Madonna to ancient myths and digital devices such as the connected speaker, Alexa Echo.

Invited to experience the entire show wearing 3D glasses, visitors will encounter 15 years of her production and deeply-rooted performative practice in an exhibition that meanders through the various media (VHS cassettes, DVDs, 3D devices) Braga has been using from her first piece There is no "I" in Trisha (2005-2007/2020) to the more recent work 1620 (2020), produced on the occasion of this show.