Human X Nature X Technology

SEPTEMBER 24, 2022 - AUGUST 13, 2023
Lisa Park, Blooming © Lisa Park Studio

As a major international exhibition, CONNECT ME considers how the current climate crisis, recent technological developments and the corona virus pandemic have changed our connection to nature and technology. Through new understandings and perceptions, artists from all over the world investigate the meaning of these relationships and connections and how it challenges what it means to be human.

Visitors will be able to witness a huge digital cherry tree that only blossoms when people embrace in front of it, walk on water and affect it with their reflected image, make the planets of the solar system sing, get up close and personal with an 11-meter fire tree from root to tip and feel first-hand how artificial intelligence influences and challenges art and everyday life.

Artworks featured, ranging from computer-generated processes to microorganisms in the soil, reveal our interconnection to animals, nature and material things, questioning and reversing our cultural and historical human superiority.