IMMATERIAL:   Lucio Fontana Ceramics

Hardcover | 134 pages | color
ISBN 978-88-572-4313-9
Price: USD 60
Immaterial: Lucio Fontana Ceramics, 2019
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Lucio Fontana (1899-1968), the artist famous for slashing his canvases and taking abstract painting into the third dimension, started his career as a sculptor. Less known is his work as a ceramicist, which began in the mid-1930s and awakened an exploration of materiality which profoundly influenced his artistic practice.

The first English publication to focus specifically on Fontana's ceramic works and inaugural publication from Voena Publishing coinciding with the eponymous exhibition currently held at the Robilant+Voena gallery (London), Immaterial: Lucio Fontana Ceramics, explores the Argentine-Italian artist’s less-charted ceramic works.

Edited by Paolo Bonacina, co-director of Robilant+Voena Milan and designed by Luca Stoppini, former director of Vogue Italia, this book gathers a selection of 50 ceramics as well as rarely seen photographs by Ugo Mulas documenting Lucio Fontana’s artistic practice as well as a comprehensive essay by Fontana’s expert Paolo Campiglio.