MAY 22 – SEPTEMBER 18, 2022
Peter Weber, Vernetzung FRT6 (25), 2008
© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022 Photo: Tom Oettle

Peter Weber is known for his complex folded structures, an artistic form for which he occupied a unique position in the mid-twentieth century ”Concrete Art” scene that explore mathematical and scientific formulas.

After an initial phase as a constructive painter, a time he was also a tutor and a musician, he has been focusing on folding as his sole means of artistic expression and design for around 30 years. Over the last three decades, he has created around 1,800 geometric folded structures, first made of paper and canvas then of watercolor board, plastic and steel. Since 2001, his works in felt have become his trademark.

The exhibition highlights the diversity of Weber's practice with a focus on multi-part folding cycles, steel sculptures and lesser-known early works which he developed as a student in the tradition of Op Art and Kinetics. Also, on view are experimental reliefs as well as flickering pictorial objects involving rippled glass, and painted interferences that create spatial illusions on the basis of a programmed design using overlapping linear grids.