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  Istanbul-Antwerp. PORT CITY TALKS. 
© Sabit Kalfagil, Hasan Demiz
23 October 2015 - 24 January 2016
MAS - Museum Aan de Stroom | Antwerp, Belgium
In the context of the Europalia Turkey arts festival, the MAS presents this multimedia journey through the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn into Istanbul, the pivot between Europe and Asia and the gateway to the East.
Focusing on the decisive role played by water in the city’s historical development, Istanbul - Antwerp. Port City Talks will trace Istanbul’s development as a port in the 19th and 20th century while highlighting a number of similarities with Antwerp, which also developed from a city on a river into a leading international port and a gateway to the rest of the world.
Alongside sections exploring the way people live and travel in both cities, the exhibition will present for the very first time in Belgium a rare selection of archeological objects from Yenikapı, Istanbul’s oldest harbor. A series of contemporary digital artists have contributed both new works as well as the exhibition’s original scenography.
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Image: © Sabit Kalfagil, Hasan Demiz

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