OCTOBER 23, 2020 - MARCH 7, 2021
Herbert Brandl, "Untitled", 2008
Photo: Christian Schindler, Collection Angermair

For the first time, the Kunsthaus Graz brings together the most important groups of works – abstract and figurative paintings or sculptures – by the Austrian artist Herbert Brandl (b.1959). His creations are presented alongside objects from his own collection and other works by Edelgard Gerngross, Thomas Baumann and Otto Zitko from the museum’s collections.

The exhibition centres on the artist’s associative, process-based way of working, interwoven as a convergence of the seen, the experienced and the imagined. Childhood memories and cartoons serve as impulses, as do his photographs, television images, webcams and current images drawn from the internet. As traces they flow into the painting process, where they are condensed, abstracted or even erased.

Self-described as a ‘passionate pessimist’, Brandl reflects on our uncertain future in a contemplative, almost apocalyptic way.The exhibition’s title, TOMORROW, conveys the fundamentally conflicting tone in Brandl’s quest: utopian and dystopian, promising and hopeful, vague and elusive, a ‘better’ future that still remains uncertain.