6 MAY–3 OCTOBER 2023
Daniel Richter, Untitled, o. J.
Oil on canvas, 230 x 170 cm
© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2023
Image: Jochen Littkemann, Berlin

Daniel Richter (b.1962, lives and works in Berlin and Vienna) is regarded as one of the most important German painters of his generation. Since the 1990s, he has created a comprehensive oeuvre made of vibrant and multifaceted paintings that depict existing pictorial worlds and inner visions.

By emotionally charging clichés from popular culture, the media, and stylistic elements from art history, Richter carries on the expressionistic gesture of immediacy in a conceptual way and questions the possibilities of painting, above and beyond stylistic definitions.

Organized in close collaboration with the artist, this retrospective provides a survey of all facets of his work highlighting its figurative impulse and questioning how, again and again over the past three decades, Richter, through his figurative repertoire, has thematically and stylistically re-addressed the relationship between man, body and society, as well as between internal and external reality.