February 24 – July 24, 2022
Anicka Yi, Le Pain Symbiotique, 2014
PVC dome, projector, single-channel video, glycerin soap, resin, dough, pigmented powder, plastic, Mylar, beads, tempera paint, cellophane, 213.36 × 396.24 cm
Installation view, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 2019
Courtesy the artist, Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels, and 47 Canal, New York

Most comprehensive show ever dedicated to the work of Anicka Yi (Seoul, 1971; lives and works in New York), “Metaspore” is conceived as a synesthetic and immersive journey. The exhibition will feature more than twenty installations created since 2010 that dissolve the boundaries between science and art, organic and synthetic, and human and non-human—an investigation of the concepts of metamorphosis, interdependence, ecosystem, and symbiosis. It will catalyze visitors’ sensory and perceptual experiences, through smells, mutating forms and disorienting biological elements.

Spores are cellular units that reproduce and give rise to new living entities without the need for sexual reproduction. This concept is symbolically linked to the exhibition at Pirelli HangarBicocca, which will transform and mutate over time. Thus, “Metaspore” represents a new chapter in Yi’s career: the decision to explore works from the past as a moment of reflection and imagination about future developments in her practice.

Curated by Fiammetta Griccioli and Vicente Todolí.