SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 - MARCH 5, 2023
museum gugging | MARIA GUGGING, AUSTRIA
Louis Soutter
The Spring Grenade (1938)
© Kunsthaus Zürich, Grafische Sammlung 1962

After 16 years and 52 exhibitions, curator Johann Feilacher presents his final exhibition as artistic director of museum gugging. The show looks ahead to the future of Art Brut with a selection of personal highlights from Art Brut and other directions in art.

The exhibition focuses on internationally important Art Brut artists whose works have fascinated Feilacher over the decades including Michel Nedjar, Judith Scott, Louis Soutter, and Mary T.Smith. They dialogue with works by numerous Artists from Gugging as well as contemporaries such as Simone Pellegrini who has been invited to create his largest work to date for the show. A selection of impressive shields from the New Guinean highlands, which are defined by a visual idiom that has survived for millennia, illustrate the curator’s deep interest with Tribal Art.

This exhibition is supplemented by Feilacher’s selection of artifacts and objects created by chance during the artistic process. Nonetheless, they reveal the distinctive hand of a given artist, such as Pellegrini’s printing matrices.