MARCH 1 — JUNE 9, 2024
June Crespo, Vascular (5), 2024
Curved checker steel plate and rugs, 150 × 300 × 293 cm
Courtesy the artist © June Crespo, Bilbao, 2024
Image © FMGB Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa. Photo Erika Barahona Ede

The sculptural practice of June Crespo (b. Pamplona, 1982) is purposefully situated at the intersection of multiple pathways and contemporary lines of research. It engages in a transformative dialogue with the concepts that have shaped Basque art in recent decades—namely, “moving pairs” such as abstraction and gesture, the tragic and the opaque, lightness and strangeness. It also takes on certain pressing issues that have only recently been included within the broader debates, in particular with respect to feminist sensibilities and awareness of the devastation caused by modern lifestyles on the natural environment, now entirely subject to the cycles of industrial and post-industrial production and reproduction, amid the pressures of the Anthropocene.

The exhibition offers a new perspective on Crespo’s practice while inviting the artist to explore an unprecedented scale in her work. Crespo’s sculptures bring together and combine a wide range of diverse parts—molds of plants, clothes or found textiles, construction elements, concrete casts, magazines.