17 MARCH – 2 JULY 2023
Afra Eisma, Tails Tell Tales, 2022
Wire, support, glazed ceramic, terracotta, fabric, foam, wood
No Man’s Art Gallery Artist’s assistant: Alejandra López Martínez
Unofficial head of the alien fashion department: Nadie Borggreve
Photo: Davide Camesasca © Fundació Joan Miró, 2023

Contemporary art can be a personal experience, artists can be regarded as friends who widen our horizons and, as a result, the museum can become a place for imagination, friendship, social interaction, creativity and joy.

Imaginary Friends, curated by Martina Millà and Patrick Ronse, invites audiences of every age, especially children, to engage spontaneously and uninhibitedly with the world through art. Conversely, artists approach the public with a sense of fellow feeling, as friends who can stimulate the imagination.

Polly Apfelbaum, Kasper Bosmans, Martin Creed, Afra Eisma, Jeppe Hein, Meschac Gaba, Paola Pivi, Pipilotti Rist, and Erwin Wurm present nine installations that invite visitors to engage in a dialogue with them and, in many instances, encourage their collaborative participation.

The project is complemented by an extensive outreach and social program of activities, with a special emphasis on families and young people, exemplified by a catalogue in the form of a children’s book based on a story by Claudia González Caparrós illustrated by Milimbo.