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  Stan VanDerBeek, Skullduggery, 1960.


1 - 30 April 2017
Fondazione Prada | Milan, Italy



This project recreates the "New American Cinema Group Exposition", a festival organized in Turin in 1967 and devoted to the group of young filmmakers known under the acronym NACG (New American Cinema Group).

NACG developed in New York in the 1960s around major figures such as Stan Brakhage, Robert Breer, Bruce Conner, Jonas and Adolfas Mekas, Marie Menken and Stan VanDerBeek. Opposed to Hollywood standards and aligned with the literary, theatre and art movements of the counterculture, the group produced low-budget short and full-length films featuring controversial and disruptive content.

Following research conducted alongside some of the most important independent film distributors, the Fondazione Prada will screen almost all the films presented in Turin in 1967 - most of which were previously available only in 16 or 35 mm - following a calendar that replicates the programs included in the original festival.

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Stan VanDerBeek, Skullduggery, 1960. Courtesy of The Film-Makers' Cooperative/The New American Cinema Group, lnc. Photocredit: Courtesy The Film-Makers’ Cooperative, New York and The Estate of Stan VanDerBeek.

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