22 MAY – 19 JUNE 2020
Autumn Ramsey, Leaf, 2019
Photo: Tom Van Eynde
Courtesy of the artist and Crèvecœur, Paris

Platform: Paris/Brussels is a viewing room featuring 12 galleries based in Paris and Brussels, hosted on David Zwirner Online. After New York, London, and Los Angeles, this is the fourth edition of the Platform series which David Zwirner introduced in March in response to the global health crisis.

The participants in Platform: Paris/Brussels represent a cross section of colleagues, friends, and peers in the cities’ gallery communities: Allen (Paris), Art: Concept (Paris), Balice Hertling (Paris), Campoli Presti (Paris), CLEARING (Brussels), Damien & The Love Guru (Brussels), Édouard Montassut (Paris), Galerie Crèvecoeur (Paris), Galerie Joseph Tang (Paris), High Art (Paris), New Galerie (Paris), and Office Baroque (Brussels). Each gallery will feature a focused presentation of works by a single artist.

Sales from this online exhibition will be managed directly by the participating galleries. In the coming weeks, David Zwirner Online will announce the next edition of Platform, coinciding with an expanded program of online-only exhibitions.