17 APRIL – 15 MAY 2020
Korakrit Arunanondchai, History painting (frame), 2020
© Korakrit Arunanondchai 2020.
Courtesy the artist and Carlos / Ishikawa, London

Opening today, Platform: London is a viewing room featuring 12 London-based galleries hosted on David Zwirner Online. Platform: London follows the launch of Platform NY featuring 12 New York-based galleries on 3 April and online until the 1 May.

The participants in ​Platform: London​ represent a cross section of David Zwirner’s colleagues, friends, and peers in London’s gallery community: ​The Approach​, ​Arcadia Missa​, ​Carlos/Ishikawa​, ​Emalin​, ​Herald St​, ​Hollybush Gardens​, ​Kate MacGarry​, ​mother’s tankstation​, ​Sid Motion Gallery​, ​Soft Opening​, ​Southard Reid​, and The Sunday Painter​. Each gallery will feature a focused presentation of works by a single artist. In some cases, galleries are presenting artists who were intended to be featured in spring exhibitions or whose shows were cut short by last month’s closures.

Since 2017, David Zwirner Online is the gallery’s "seventh space" where visitors can explore and collect works from curated, online-only exhibitions by gallery artists and special collaborations.