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  Wandering Musicians, first double portrait of Stepanova and Rodchenko, 1921

Love in Times of Revolution
Artist couples of the Russian avant-garde

14 October 2015 - 31 January 2016

Love in Times of Revolution will focus on the ground-breaking achievements of the Russian avant-garde from a new perspective: the artist couple.

Following the October Revolution of 1917, equality of personal and professional status became the norm for male and female artists. Opposed to the image of the "solitary artistic genius", this new mindset established a connection between art and life, between public and private.

Love in Times of Revolution explores the working methods developed by the Russian avant-garde in this context, along with the specific notions of artistic identity, creativity and production that resulted from it. The exhibition includes exceptional loans from the Tretyakov Gallery and the Shchukin Museum in Moscow.

Artist couples included in the exhibition:

• Natalia Goncharova & Mikhail Larionov
• Liubov Popova & Alexandr Vesnin

• Olga Rosanova & Alexei Kruchenykh
• Valentina Kulagina & Gustav Klutsis

• Varvara Stepanova & Alexandr Rodchenko

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'Wandering Musicians', first double portrait of Stepanova and Rodchenko, 1921 (photographer unknown). Photo: © A. Rodchenko & Stepanova Archive. © Private property.

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