27 SEPTEMBER 2023–25 FEBRUARY 2024
Ryoji Ikeda
data-verse 2 (2019)
© Ryoji Ikeda Studio

Japanese composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda (b. 1966) works with sound, rhythm, light, scientific imagery, and data visualization to create audiovisual installations that resonate within their surrounding space.

Anchored in Amos Rex’s unique architecture, Ikeda has created two new site-sensitive works for the exhibition, mass and spin. mass, a black and white video projection, flashes at the feet of the viewer on the floor of the exhibition space. Situated above in the skylight spin takes the shape of a kinetic laser sculpture that infinitely repeats what appears to be a Möbius loop.

All five works included in the exhibition are part of the artist’s broader exploration of the universe of data and the limits of perception. Ikeda’s artworks weave together contrasting perspectives ranging from the microscopic to the macroscopic, from the tiniest particle to galaxies of unfathomable magnitude. Faced with cascading volumes of data traversing huge projection surfaces, the viewer appears minute, emphasizing Ikeda's interest in the relationship between perception and physical phenomena.