Julian Charrière
Towards No Earthly Pole

SEPTEMBER 6, 2020 - JANUARY 3, 2021
Julian Charrière - Towards No Earthly Pole - Vostok, 2019
(copyright the artist; VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Germany)

Swiss artist Julian Charrière (b.1987) is as much an explorer and a traveler as a scientist and an archaeologist. His curiosity and his interest in understanding nature lead him to the most inhospitable regions of the world, such as the North Pole or a nuclear weapons test site.

His latest film installation, Towards No Earthly Pole (2019) embarks visitors on a unique journey through shimmering icebergs, gaping cracks in glaciers and surging polar seas. This space-filling film projection allows visitors to immerse themselves in these fascinating and deserted regions in a meditative way intensified by the exhibition setting.

Connecting art forms and disciplines, additional works such as Not All Who Wander Are Lost (2019) composed of erratic stones transported by glaciers, Tropisme (2014) made of flash-frozen prehistoric plants, The Blue Fossil Entropic Stories (2013) picturing the artist melting a glacier in Iceland, or And Beneath It All Flows Liquid Fire (2019) video of a burning fountain also document his sensual and poetic cosmos and the effects of human activity on nature.