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  Book cover: Mtindo. Style Movers Rebranding Africa


Publication: May 2017

208 pages, 133 colour illustrations
Retail price: $45 / £ 32 / 35 €

Africa is rising. In Mtindo. Style Movers Rebranding Africa, award-winning photographer Daniele Tamagni captures the new generation of young minds who are defining the continent's creative landscape - the so-called “style movers”.

A vast array of young talent is currently constructing the future of Africa—which in fact is already present in local scenes that pulse with a remarkable vibe. African bloggers, designers and photographers are re-defining the image of their own trend, a trend that today inspires the whole world.

The word Mtindo has a dual meaning in Swahili, signifying both “style” and “movement”. With this photographic project, Daniele Tamagni gives expression to the style movement known as “Rebranding Africa”, introducing the world to the musicians, artists, filmmakers, and other creators who are making his native Kenya—and the entire continent—a powerhouse in the arts and fashion.

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