Making FASHION Sense

16 January - 8 March 2020
HeK | Basel, Switzerland
Robbie Barat, Neural Network Generation, 2018

In recent years, technology has radically changed fashion. If robot arms, holograms and drones are now parading down on international catwalks, the impact of technology on creative processes can go far beyond that. Using sustainable production ethics, technology can create new fashion semantics, with a deeper purpose.

The exhibition highlights the new role of technology as a transformative tool for artists, designers, and manufacturers, initiating a reinvention of fashion production systems. While hyper-functional materials already monitor our biometric data in everyday life and sports activities, the exhibition showcases artists and designers who develop experimental augmented fashion objects, investigating new perceptions of our environment and human interaction leading to new ways of making and thinking. How do programmable garments express our bodies? Can fashion technology reorient not only our gestures, wellbeing, social interactions but also our creative perspectives? Can fashion shelter us from others, from a dystopian future, or is it distorting the collective notions of ourselves?