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The NAture of Arp

UNTIL 2 September 2019
Peggy Guggenheim Collection | Venice, Italy

Over a career of 60 years, Jean (Hans) Arp (1886-1966) produced a remarkably influential body of work consisting of curves and organic forms that moved fluidly between abstraction and representation. A founder of Dada and a pioneer of abstraction, Arp continues to be a major point of reference for generations of artists.

The Nature of Arp brings together more than 70 works - sculptures in plaster, wood, bronze, and stone, painted wood reliefs, collages, drawings, textiles, and illustrated books - on loan from prominent U.S. and European museums, foundations, and private collections.

Incidentally, Arp was the very first artist to be collected by Peggy Guggenheim and Patsy and Raymond Nasher. Today, their deep personal interests in Arp's work is reflected in the close relationship between their collections and institutions. In 1995, the Collection's Venice garden was named the Nasher Sculpture Garden in recognition of the Nashers' generous support towards its renovation.

Curated by Catherine Craft and organized by the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas.

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Curator Catherine Craft discusses the exhibition The Nature of Arp, on show at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice through 2 September 2019.
Video by macofilm.com

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