Jean-Luc Godard
Le Studio d'OrphÉe

From December 4, 2019
Fondazione Prada | Milan, Italy
Jean Luc Godard. Photo: Niccolò Quaresima

Le Studio d'Orphée (Orpheus' studio) is an atelier, a recording and editing studio, a living and working place in which Jean-Luc Godard decided to transfer the technical material employed for his latest films as well as furniture, books, and paintings from his studio-house in Switzerland. It offers a unique opportunity to observe Godard's creative process and the handcrafted dimension that characterizes his practice.

With its title referring to the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, Le Studio d'Orphée concentrates on a dialectic between life and imagination, existence and artistic creation. Within this "atelier", the feature film Le Livre d'image (The Image Book), 2018, and nine short movies are screened on a television monitor usually employed by Godard as a working tool.

Conceived for Fondazione Prada Milan, Accent-sœur, a sound installation inside the Torre's lift, will also allow visitors to listen to the soundtrack of Histoire(s) du cinéma, an 8-part video work (1988-1998) narrating the complex and multifaceted history of cinema.