29 November 2019 - 26 April 2020
Collection de l'art brut, Lausanne | Lausanne, Switzerland
Photo credit: Portrait of Giovanni Battista Podestà
Archives of the Fabuloserie, Alain Bourbonnais

Theater is present in many ways in Art Brut. As the makers of their own worlds, Art Brut creators demonstrate a total freedom in their works to define the context, figures, characters, stage design, movements, and acting. Often, they live side-by-side with their imaginary characters and cannot bear to be separated from them. In so doing, they grant themselves the right to be in the limelight and to reclaim a part of their life of which they have been robbed by being confined, imprisoned or stigmatized.

With a selection of 28 creators, the 4th Art Brut Biennial will invite visitors to further discover the Lausanne museum's remarkable holdings under such perspective. Costumes, sculptures, drawings, paintings, photographs and cutouts as well as archival films, sounds and images will help viewers to understand the creative process behind the works. It will also recall several outdoor "performances" in which these creators used their own bodies as tools of expression in the search of an audience in the public space.